December 8, 2022

LED matrix – candle animation

Since I am quite obsessed with lamps, LEDs and ambient lighting I have been thinking of many different LED-candles – An RGB room lamp that is not too bright and can be used just like a candle, for decent ambient lighting and finding my way when the lights are out. I also like trying different animations and with one of these RGB-LED matrices I thought it would be fun to make a candle flame animation.

The first version is here, running on an 8×8 Dotstart LED matrix and Arduino :

[ Github : dotstar_candle1 ]

This is only the first version and the shape, fading and animations are very basic but I am already quite happy with the effect. Only drawback is the flame is tall and thin so out of the 8 pixel width the flame is only using ~4 pixel at a time.

[ Evidence to come ]

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