December 8, 2022

Raspberry Pi Neopixel control

#neopixel #ws2812B #usb

Here’s how I have been controlling Neopixel WS2812B over USB

Github / Raspi-Neopixel

Of course there is custom hardware that lets you control Neopixel / WS2812B from a USB port, however depending on your pixel count vs framerate a simple Arduino is enough to perform as UART bridge. I have used this to control Neopxiel strips and arrays from my laptop with Processing, this then also ports nicely to let your animations you code run on raspberry pi with Processing-Pi. And I also just started controlling the LEDs with Node.js through the Serialport package. This is going to be more handy if I want to control the lamp through a web interface (with and express web server) or also ESP or other WiFi controls with MQTT or Find all these in the Github repo above in their respective folder.

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